Vocational Services

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Rise Staffing born from a Phoenix is the place to find employment.  Our professional experienced job coaches and developers can find you a job, but Rise Staffing believes that people are successful when they are paid to do what inspires them.  By listening, observing and using sound assessment process we support you to realize your unique  abilities.

Rise Staffing has made numerous successful job placements because we take the time necessary to provide a job match that matters to both the employee and the employer. The outcome of proper matching is long term employment and increased self esteem.

Job matching is free for employers and is provided to persons on the Oklahoma Home and Community Based Waiver and those served through Oklahoma Division of Rehabilitation Services.

Division of Rehabilitation Services –

Employment Support Services – Competitive, integrated employment full or part-time work at minimum wage or higher, with wages and benefits like those without disabilities performing the same work, and fully integrated with co-workers without disabilities.

  • Life Skills Management – self-management program that teaches an individual “behavior modification techniques” to improve the person’s ability to effectively handle problems that could otherwise hinder working and achieving the vocational goal.
  • Job Placement – The work hours for individuals will average no less than 38 hours per week, wage of individuals placed will be no less than $10.71.
  • Job Club – Classes to provide a group learning environment focused on developing skills necessary to gain employment.​
  • Job Coaching is provided to people in many methods it can be that job coach is assigned to work all shifts supporting the customer or we find situations that allow the co-worker and employer to act as natural support in the workplace. Rise Staffing will provide support and follow through in the natural support situations. People employed through Rise Staffing enjoy employment in a variety of jobs, including pharmacy delivery, janitorial, office work, and retail.
  • Pre-Vocational Services through Volunteer opportunities in community service organizations such as Life Senior Services, Centenary United Methodist Church and the Tulsa City/ County Library System. Understanding that our community has many service driven organizations that need help to run, we partner with them to create pre-vocational opportunities that provide results for everyone involved.