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We LOVE hearing how our Rise Clients are having a positive impacked on the community.

I am an installation vendor that is often at Hillcrest and other hospitals and clinics in Oklahoma.  As everyone knows, navigating around these large facilities can be rather troublesome.   It’s so easy to get lost, but Hillcrest has a secret weapon.  His name is Steven Marrs.  When I first started furniture installs at Hillcrest, I was told to find Steven because finding our way through the tunnels of the hospital was time consuming and frustrating.  Steven, with super customer service took us right to where we needed to be.

From that day on, Steven, is our go-to for directions.  Every time we have other contractors meeting us at the Hillcrest jobsite, they are instructed to go to Steven so he can show them where to go.  Cell phone usage is hit and miss in hospitals – Steven is not.  We even instruct our vendors to wait for Steven if he is assisting others at that time.  His knowledge of every square inch in that hospital is mind blowing impressive as is his willingness to help.  My co-workers and I always say we wish we could clone Steven because every hospital needs him!

Steven Marrs provides Hillcrest excellent customer service at a high quality of professionalism.

Best Regards


Roy Miller

Small Order Services

Rise Staffing consumer Hunter and job coach David made a great impression during one of their shifts.  You both went above and beyond.  Great Job!

I was contacted by a Quality First customer about a good deed done by David and Hunter last week.
They made a delivery to a home and found a lot of heavy boxes stacked high on the front porch (left by ups) with only an older lady at home. They asked her if they could help and moved all of the boxes to her utility room. She was soooo appreciative and they scored lots of points for Quality First!
We are so happy to have them on our team!!                      


Sandra Keith, MPH, RD, LD

I really don’t think that I deserve this award because Laurie has made it easy for me to work with her.

 Since God brought Laurie to me almost a year ago, I have seen a lot of growth in her and I am very  proud of her accomplishments. She is a very dedicated and reliable employee and a member of our work family. She is respectful and kind and very responsible and conscientious. She has no definite title in our department,  because she does a little bit of everything, she is our Laurie.
I thank the organization  for this award.
Dorothy Gwyne

Hilton Garden Inn

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